KeyShot Web Viewer: Best Practices and other considerations

This article offers guidance on how to make the most of the KeyShot Web viewer and provides important considerations to keep in mind.


KeyShot Web Viewer is an valuable add-on that simplifies your design workflow by allowing you to swiftly upload scenes to your personal cloud library and easily share them via a URL on any device. This tool enhances your KeyShot experience and allows users without a KeyShot license to review and collaborate on scenes.

Environment Details

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    • KeyShot 2023


One of the most common challenges when using the KeyShot Web Viewer is ensuring optimal scene performance. To deliver a seamless experience for your viewers, follow these best practices:

Resolution (Best Practices)

Limit the Number of Parts: It is recommended to keep the number of parts in your scene to a minimum. Complex scenes with a large number of parts can lead to slower load times and reduced performance.

Manage Triangle Count: Keeping the triangle count in check is crucial. Excessive triangle counts can strain the end user's hardware, potentially causing performance issues.

Mobile Optimization: Users on mobile devices will benefit from smaller scene sizes. Consider optimizing your scenes for mobile viewing by reducing their complexity.

Texture Considerations: To achieve the best results in the KeyShot Web Viewer, take the following texture-related factors into account:

  1. UV Mapping and Baking: Whenever possible, ensure that your textures are UV mapped and baked. This approach enhances the quality and performance of your scenes in the web viewer.
  2. Optimize Your Environment
  3. Environment Size: Keep your environment size as compact as possible. Reducing the complexity of your environment significantly improves load times and overall performance.
  4. Material Limitations: Be aware of certain material limitations, especially with translucent materials:
  5. Translucent Materials: Complex translucent materials may not display perfectly in the web viewer. However, with future updates, we anticipate improved performance with such materials.

Use HDRI LightingWe recommend utilizing High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) for scene lighting. While emissive materials can be viewed in the web viewer, physical lights may not appear as effectively.


Additional Resources

The link here will bring you to the KeyShotWeb webinar on YouTube


Other Considerations

To access and take full advantage of the KeyShot Web Viewer, a KeyShot Pro subscription is necessary. This subscription provides access to this powerful feature.

No Geometry: It's essential to understand that the KeyShot Web Viewer is solely for viewing scenes in a web portal. It does not support the manipulation of 3D geometry.

KeyShot's storage for the web viewer is backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring secure and efficient storage solutions.

Currently, you are granted 10 gigabytes of web viewer storage. However, please note that additional storage cannot be purchased at this time. We are actively working towards offering this feature in the future to cater to your evolving needs.