Difference between Glb viewer and KeyShot real-time view

Difference between Glb viewer and KeyShot real-time view


When exporting a glb file, you may notice some differences from what is seen in KeyShot. This is caused by several reasons, explained in the article below.

KeyShot uses advanced real shadowing and ray-tracing.  For AR applications, GLB files need to run quite a bit faster. To compensate for this, the GLB file format will reduce the quality of these features to improve AR performance.
Reflective materials may look different from what is seen in the real-time view, along with some shadows, reflections, refractions and does not support textures or animations.   GLB images will vary depending on the viewer used. For example a GLB image viewed in 3D Viewer may look different than what is shown in another image viewer. This can also vary depending on which glb viewer you are using and if you are using more advanced materials.

For more information about GLB files and other export formats, please go to https://manual.keyshot.com/manual/models-tab/export/export-formats/ for more details.

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