Why does the appearance in the Real-time View look great when I activate the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile, but different in the final render?

Real time view and Adobe (1998) color profiles .

Why is there a difference between the way everything looks in the Real-time View and the final render when I activate the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile?

KeyShot utilizes the sRGB color profile internally. However, the color profile you set in Preferences is only applied to the Real-time View in order to ensure accurate color output on your screen. It is important to understand that the rendering process does not occur in the Adobe RGB color profile. Instead, when the color profile is set in Preferences, the Real-time View output is simply translated from sRGB to Adobe RGB to ensure that the colors appear correct on your screen.

It is worth noting that the final rendering result will still be in sRGB and will be directly saved to the output file without applying the color profile. This is because sRGB is widely used for web applications and is sufficient for most users' needs. Additionally, since sRGB is a commonly used color profile, most image editing applications are capable of translating from sRGB to Adobe RGB for further editing purposes.