How to activate a subscription license

A summary of how to activate a subscription license.

After creating a account and purchasing a subscription license, the license will not be immediately activated. The guide below will walk you through activating your subscription so that you can access

If the license has already been activated, you do not need to activate it again with a serial code. Instead, you only need to log into your KeyShot Cloud account and select the correct license.

See the instructions below:


1. Select 'Activate my license'.

2. Select 'I have a subscription'.
3. Sign in to your KeyShot Cloud account.
4. You should see a screen like this:
5. At this point, simply select 'Next' and then 'Finish' (Do not select 'Activate new license').

If you are unable to activate your license, please contact our team by creating a support ticket with a snapshot of the error message received. Our Support team will look into it as soon as possible.