Material Capabilities for KeyShot Web Viewer

This article provides a comprehensive list of KeyShot materials and their level of support within KeyShot Web Viewer

This is a list of KeyShot materials that are supported, not yet supported, and supported with baking within KeyShot Web Viewer.

The list will be updated when materials become supported.

Red=Not yet supported

Yellow=Supported with baking

Green= Supported

Basic Materials Support KeyShot  KeyShot Web Viewer without baking  KeyShot Web Viewer with baking 


Glass Green
Glass (Solid) Green
Liquids Green
Metal Green
Paint Green
Plastic Green
Thin Film Yellow
Translucent Yelloww 
Advanced Materials        
Advanced Yellow
Anisotropic Yellow
Dielectric Green
Gem Yellow
Generic Green
Measured Yellow
Metallic Paint Green
Multi-Layer Optics Red
Plastic (Cloudy) Yellow
Plastic (Transparent)  Red
Real Cloth Yellow
Scattering Medium Red
Translucent (Advanced) Red
Velvet Red
Light Source        
Area Light Yellow
IES light Red
Point Light Red
Spotlight Red
Cutaway Red
Emissive Green
Ground Red
Toon Red
Wireframe Yellow
Xray Red
Material Library Only        
Mold Tech Green
Axalta Paint Yelow



Texture Maps

  Support KeyShot  KeyShot Web Viewer
Without baking
KeyShot Web Viewer
With Baking
Label Green
Diffuse Texture Map Green
Bump Texture Map Green
Specular texture Map Green
Roughness Map (In Material Graph) Green
Opacity Map Red


Texture Mapping Types

Overall only one type of mapping is supported per part.


  Support Note
Planar Texture Mapping Red  
UV Texture Mapping Green  
Box Texture Mapping Red  
Cylinder Texture Mapping  Red  
Sphere Texture Mapping Red  
Camera Texture Mapping Red  
Node Texture Mapping Red