Missing Welcome.xml on start up

Missing Welcome.xml on start up


If you run in to this error in KeyShot here are a few steps to correct this issue:

The first step would be to perform a fresh installation of the software:

How to perform a fresh install:

  1. Uninstall KeyShot
  2. Make sure to delete the KeyShotresources folder
    • note: move it to the desktop if you wish to back up your resources
    • Windows Default:
      • C:\Users\UserName\Documents\KeyShot # or
      • C:\Users\Public\Documents\KeyShot
      • Delete C:\ProgramData\Luxion\KeyShot # folder
      • Delete C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Luxion\KeyShot folder
    • Mac Default:
      • /Library/Application Support/KeyShot
  3. Download and Re-install KeyShot using the links below.
    For this step, you’ll need the full installer(not the update installer).
    • You can find the newest version of KeyShot here.
    • You can find older versions of KeyShot here.
  4. Go through the registration wizard, enter your license information, and KeyShot should be up and running.

If you are still receiving this error after performing a fresh installation close KeyShot # and then go to the folder location C:\Users\Keyshot\AppData\Local\Luxion\KeyShot #\startup\offline then replace your welcome.xml with the one I have included in the zip folder attached

If the error persists after replacing the Welcom.xml file please contact Support@Luxion.com for assists resolving the issue.

zip (1.06 KB)