Subscription FAQs


New licenses on are available only by subscription. Customers may continue to use existing node-locked licenses and renew Maintenance for active node-locked licenses.

If you have multiple node-locked licenses and wish to add new licenses, please contact sales at


Q: What is a KeyShot Subscription license?

With the release of KeyShot 11, all new licenses will be sold as a subscription, which reduces the upfront cost to a pay-as-you-go model. Subscription terms are generally one year, during which time users receive:

  • All major KeyShot releases and patches

  • Access to exclusive Subscription-only features such as Web Viewer (requires additional KeyShotWeb Module)

  • Self service licensing, allowing users to activate and deactivate machines running KeyShot

  • Assisted phone and email support with remote desktop options from KeyShot members 

Q: Can I continue to use my existing node-locked licenses?

Yes, any node-locked licenses licences that have previously been purchased for any KeyShot version will continue to work as before.

Q: Is my KeyShot Subscription different by region?

No. All Subscriptions licenses are the same regardless of region.

Q: Is there a difference in the feature set between node-locked and subscription offerings?

Yes, with KeyShot Subscription offering tied to a Cloud login, users will have the ability to self-manage machine activation, so users can move their licenses from one machine to another without contacting support.

In addition, subscription users with the KeyShotWeb module can utilize the KeyShot Web Viewer to publish and share their KeyShot files online.

Over the course of the next several versions, additional cloud-based features will be added to the Subscription offering.

Q: Are the files I created using my subscription license compatible with the node-locked license?

Yes, the file formats for all versions of KeyShot (except Education versions) are interchangeable with each other.

As with any prior version of KeyShot, older versions cannot open the files created in newer versions (i.e KeyShot 9 cannot open a KeyShot 11 file)

Q: How many machines can I run my subscription on?

You can use KeyShot Pro Subscription on 1 PC at a time, and enable it on up to 3 PCs. 

Enabling a device means that you don’t have to log in every time you launch KeyShot.

The My Products page in your cloud account will tell you the number of seats you have active and enabled.

Q: Does the subscription license require Internet connectivity?

Your KeyShot has to be online when you start KeyShot and you will need to log in with your cloud account the first time to use your subscription license. After first login, KeyShot should have access to internet at least once every 7 days to renew the license grant. After 7 days of offline work, KeyShot will prompt you to close all files and exit until you renew your license grant.

Q: Am I allowed to run node-locked and subscription licenses at the same time?

Yes, you can technically have a node-locked subscription and Subscription version on the same machine, however running two versions of KeyShot at the same time on one machine is not advisable and may result in unexpected results and/or data loss.

Q: If I buy a new subscription, will my older KeyShot node-locked license still work?

Yes, a Subscription does not require you to uninstall your older node-locked licenses and it will continue to work, however, as mentioned above, we do not advise running the version concurrently.

Q: How do I renew my subscription?

For the initial term, users will be contacted by a sales representative to renew their Subscription. As additional self-managing licensing tools are deployed, users will be able to auto-renew with a credit card.

Q: What do I do if I have multiple subscriptions with different renewal dates?

Please contact sales at if you wish to align multiple existing renewal dates into one contact for Maintenance or Subscription.

Q: Do I have to run the most recent version during my subscription?

No. KeyShot will alert you to a new version when it’s available, but you will elect when to install it. You can run versions prior to the most recent if you wish, however for latest bug fixes and security updates we recommend running a recent version. As long as your subscription is active you will receive the latest updates, which in addition to bug fixes, will provide compatibility with the latest drivers and OS support. 

Q: Is support included with my subscription?

Yes, for the KeyShot Pro Subscription, phone and email support is included.

Q: Can I change products during my subscription?

You can add additional modules, such as KeyShotWeb or KeyShot Network Rendering to a KeyShot Pro Subscription at any time. 

Q: What happens if I own Network Rendering or KeyShotWeb with my current node-locked license?

Existing node-locked purchases of Network Rendering and KeyShotWeb will continue to work with node-locked KeyShot licenses, however cloud-enabled features such as license management will not be available.

If you have a KeyShot Pro subscription you will need a KeyShotWeb Subscription in order to access the Web Viewer and get additional feature updates.

Q: Can I pay monthly for a subscription plan?

No. Currently all pricing plans are set to an annual payment.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please contact our team at A representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your cancellation.